Who are your heroes?

We all know them, the people that go out of their way to help other folk. The snowboarders that are competing against each other rushing to check if they’re alright after a big crash. The mountain bikers that cheer harder for their challengers than the rest of the fans. The surfers who get out of their van to help push start the old battered VW Beetle out of the wind rain and mud. The random person who hands you their spare inner tube and doesn’t expect a replacement. The Mum who drives for an hour to sit in the van while you go wakeboarding with your mates. The friend that takes you back to the chalet when you hurt yourself on the blue bird powder day despite everyone else running away. The real heroes.

This is your opportunity to give a little bit of something back to them, Kudos, whether you know them or not, write a comment on here, on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram, even write a blog post on Jackrabbitt by clicking here.

Tell us who they are, and what they did that makes them awesome. 

It is people like this that makes our action sport community so strong, let’s spread the love!

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