The well deserved “Thanks”

The new branding and the new site has been a long time in the planning, and a lot of hard work, but we would never have got here without the aid of a few people. First and foremost, I would like to say a massive thank you to Oli Bentley from Split ( a design company based in Leeds. Oli has helped us develop the new branding and website, with the hard job of taking an existing community of people, taking their much loved logo and creating a new one, one that they could also love and appreciate, it was a task that anyone would be nervous about, just incase it wasn’t accepted! As predicted the new stuff has gone down a storm with everyone new and old saying how much they love it, so now we can all stop worrying! It will be an ongoing project between us and Split to get the site to where we want it so keep checking back for new and improved bits and bobs! Thanks Oli, it has been wicked working with you!

Next I want to thank the Hydrant boys that helped me actually build the technical side of the site, without Dan and Ian the site wouldn’t anything more than a mess of text and pictures! (or I would still be searching for the answers on google more likely) Cheers Dan and Ian!

Our last minute workforce of Ems and Proudy working late into the launch helping me put in all the beautiful content from our different sources! Cheers to you both!

Over the years a lot of people have helped out, and have always been there when we needed help with the site, or events or whatever, so here is a massive thanks to you too, you all know who you are, without your support I can gurantee this new site would never have happened! Pat yourself on the back people!

So please raise your glasses to the awesome things that you are about to do, to the photos, the videos, the articles and the incredible people you will meet along the way…Here is to our next adventure great or small!

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