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The future?

With athletes going bigger each year, creating more rediculous tricks, the last thing you would expect is them to start developing and adding to the halfpipe. But leave it to Burton and Mountain Dew to do such a thing. And if that wasn’t enough, Redbull have now released plans to build a Double pipe. Looking… Read more »

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Shaun White – Russia Calling

Love him or hate him, you have to resepect the amount of pressure he not only puts himself under, but also the pressure but on him by sponsors etc. You should watch this vid just to get an idea of what they go through to get them tricks nailed. If nothing else, it will get… Read more »

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Gigi Ruff: Never Not

He has been around for as long as I have been snowboarding, one of the first names I came to recognise within the sport and has been my inspiration ever since. To be putting out stuff like this, still shows that he has what it takes to inspire old and new within snowboarding.

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A bad day for 154 Dominant

Last day off I decided to take out my favourite little board Burton 154 Dominant, which suffered an injury last year on the snowball rally losing a lot of base right next to the edge. However, local snowboard shop sorted it out and patched it, but before they were finished I snatched it away to… Read more »

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