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Coupe du Monde

Tried hitting 70MPH and only just missed it. Nearly caught an edge and nearly needed some new underwear. Massive rush though!

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Another puncture Ben?!

It’s a good job we took spare tubes with us on this holiday, Ben went through 8 in 6 days…leaving him with the nickname Ben 10 (punctures)… Dan Jesse

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Mud cake in Morzine

After a fantastically muddy day in Lindaret we decided go meet the gang and chill by Lac Montriond….this is how holidays should be!  Ben Fisher

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Ullswater spontaneous kayaking

This is the reason I love living in Carlisle. We finished moving some stuff from house to house and then decided to take the kayaks down into the lake district, 45 minutes later and we were unloading the boats from the van, not many cities in the country where you can do that. One of… Read more »

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Out of the halfpipe….CHECK!

Well, I have done a few runs the pipe now and must admit, watching people I thought I could get some air time out of the top, but when I tried myself I was too much of a chicken! I decided to add it to my list of things to do whilst over here, and… Read more »

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A few runs in the slush

Went out for a few runs today, only to find that almost everywhere was slush. Normally good fun but after a heavy slam on wednesday my body is suffering. I came over the red kicker hoping to do a grab, but I ended up rotating 90 degrees backside instantly catching my heels on the transition.… Read more »

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