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RedBull Hardline by Dan Atherton

Just watching this got my heart rate up, I can’t imagine what Dan Atherton feels like at the end of this in terms of arm pump etc. This is downhilling to an extremely high level, I look forward to seeing some more from all of this RedBull Hardline series. The trail itself must have taken… Read more »

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Evening Ride @ Stainburn forest

Since I have been back from my travels I have on been to my local trail a hand full of times. In this video I am riding the longer of the 2 red routes. Awesome flow through the trees at the start, which then throws you into fast technical rock gardens. I stuck with all… Read more »

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Downhill Bike Park in Queenstown New Zealand

2013 was a fantastic year as I had an amazing chance to travel to world. I spent a few months in Queenstown, NZ  and on my birthday got to go up the local gondola and do some biking. Here is a small edit of my adventure. Hope you enjoy, I know I did 😀

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Manon Carpenter: Wildcat

Manon Carpenter is one of my favourite downhill racers, she seems like a very humble down to earth girl, and she can’t half ride. Now she stars in this little gem of a video, a nice timely video for this time of year. Enjoy!

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Ns Soda review

This is a great little edit explaining where the NS soda has come from and the features it carries

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Season in Morzine = Done!

Well, after 5 months we are finally back in the UK. Having met some inspirational people along the way, we have come back with a lot of new friends and a rake load of stories to tell. Just want to say a massive thank you to all the other seasonaires we met whilst out in… Read more »

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