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Backflip over 72ft Canyon

Watch this 2 minutes of awesome as Kelly (a dude) McGarry does an amazing decent at RedBull Rampage this year! I recommend watching this in HD on a big screen!!! also watch it face on…watching it from a slight angle can give you the jippies…well it did for me but mainly because of vertigo…

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Ullswater spontaneous kayaking

This is the reason I love living in Carlisle. We finished moving some stuff from house to house and then decided to take the kayaks down into the lake district, 45 minutes later and we were unloading the boats from the van, not many cities in the country where you can do that. One of… Read more »

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A bad day for 154 Dominant

Last day off I decided to take out my favourite little board Burton 154 Dominant, which suffered an injury last year on the snowball rally losing a lot of base right next to the edge. However, local snowboard shop sorted it out and patched it, but before they were finished I snatched it away to… Read more »

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