Wool Beanie #18


Maroon and yellow striped beanie with a maroon bobble.

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Our original beanie, the do it all, be it all, awesome quality, slouch beanie.

These are made from the best wool our grannies could find, then crafted together by hand here in the UK. This reduces the amount of travelling that our products do in comparison to some cheaper alternatives that are shipped over from China etc etc, we won’t bore you with the details as you know the deal already.

We’re a strong believer in supporting the local economy, especially in more recent times. We’re not perfect, but where we fail, we want to improve, so if you have any feedback about your shopping experience, please share it with us!

As with all our other products, when you buy a Jackrabbitt hat, it’s not just a nice warm hat that you get, it’s a gateway into a new world of culture and community. When you see the JR logo on another person, you can rest assured that this person loves adventures, go up and say “hi”.