Out of the halfpipe….CHECK!

Well, I have done a few runs the pipe now and must admit, watching people I thought I could get some air time out of the top, but when I tried myself I was too much of a chicken! I decided to add it to my list of things to do whilst over here, and then recently due to lack of snow there were rumours of them flattening it, this made me decide to go all out and just try it. So today was nice and slushy, so I had a random bit of confidence from somewhere and it just felt right. I got near the top on a few of my first runs but then managed to start breaking out…and eventually I got it. Only managing it on the frontside wall but none the less I was making it out! This is a proud one for me, so I got Ems to get a photo just to prove to you all that I did it! Here you go…

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