Night ride at Whinlatter

I bought my mountain bike light back in August, then my bike got nicked, now however many months later I finally got out on my single speed with them! 

About 12 of us headed up to Whinlatter red loop, we only did the north as it was a “lazy ride”, mostly for folk like myself that haven’t been out in a while or not tried it before. As ever with a group of mountain bikers the banter was great and everyone had a cracking time, even after a couple of sketchy moments. It was a beautifully clear night apart from the cloud inversion down towards Keswick which I tried to capture in the photos…but as you can tell…not easy…I also got left behind in the dark and after one of the lads mentioned how much these lights remind him of the blair witch project…I decided to keep on moving…ahem…

Couple of lessons to take away from my night riding refresher experience:

  1. Remember to attach your light etc before it gets dark, otherwise…it’s dark
  2. Pack warm cloths for whe you’re stood waiting for folk to attach their lights
  3. Turn off your light when you don’t need it and survive off the moonlight / other peoples lights
  4. Turn your light back on for the fast bits!
  5. Looking at people with your light on your head makes them blind…sorry guys…
  6. You can achieve so much more in the dark because you can’t see the size of the drop until it’s too late
  7. You deserve a pint when you get to the end of your night time adventure

I’m looking forward to my next trip out already!

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