Jackrabbitt Fox Hunt

So we started the #jrfoxhunt last night, loads of people have sent their entries in already, it’s based in #carlisle so anyone in the area feel free to take part, all in the name of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Your first clue is shown on this page…don’t forget to tag #jrfoxhunt and let everyone know how you’re getting on.ย 

Task 1

See the morse code image on this page to see if you can crack the code, then email us your answer to jrfoxhunt@jackrabbitt.net to get your first set of results.

Task 2

We have misplaced the answers somewhere on this site, ย all you need to do is have a look around and you will find them on one of the pages. You will know once you have found them, they are pretty obvious!ย 

Task 3

I’m where yesterday follows today, and tomorrow’s in the middle. What am I?
Email jrfoxhunt@jackrabbitt.net with your answer, if it’s right, we’ll give you your next set of letters.

Task 4

Remix the peices of the puzzle to find your next 2 letters.

Task 5

Here are your next 2 letters, pick the right one from each list, and add them to your others…one last set tomorrow!

  • Who worked with Nick Bayliss to start up mountain bike clothing company Royal Racing?
    A: Martyn Ashton
    M: Danny McAskill
    P: Steve Peat
    R: Hans Rey
  • Which of the following companies does snowbaorder Sebastien Toutant ride for?
    P: Protest
    N: Nike
    O: O’Neill
    S: Salomon

Task 6

For those of you in Carlisle, head to the following location, have a hunt around and see if you can find your last 2 letters:ย 54.89572 -2.94255. These are your last ones, so get them quick. (For those that can’t make it, email jrfoxhunt@jackrabbitt.net for an extra clue, you won’t win a prize, but you’ll get the satisfaction of finishing the hunt)

Final task

We will release the codebreaker tonight at 9PM (and wednesday for those that can’t make it down tonight). So bring your letters and bring your puzzle solving brains! First one to crack it and hand in a completed sheet after 9PM will win the first “JRFOXHUNT WINNERS TEE”…the 2 runners up will get milkshakes!

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