Get dirty

Here at Jackrabbitt we have been friends with the chaps at MukJunkie for a while, and they have kindly offered us some prizes. To be in with a chance of winning these prizes you are going to have to go and have some fun, then take a photo of it…the hard part? Well, there isn’t one… firstly, get out your bike on a rainy day or the day after a rainy day, go and ride through the mud, the puddles and the bits you would normally avoid, get as dirty as you possibly can, unleash the inner child in you and play in the mud. Secondly, take a photo that shows the rest of us here at jackrabbitt just how much fun you had. Let the photo explain that the adventure you just had was one of the most awesome rides you have had in a long long time. Thirdly, post that photo on somewhere we can see it! Post it on our facebook wall: or mention us in a tweet: @jackrabbittUK with your image, or just use simple old snail mail: and we will post all the acceptable photos on here for you all to see.

The best bit is, MukJunkie cleaning stuff is awesome (see it on their shop here) so when you win, you can clean your bike down with your new prize (see below) and no-one will ever know you got dirty! (this may not count for much if you don’t know me, but I can give you my word that this product does an awesome job of making your bike clean and shiny looking with very little effort)

How does it end?

Sunday 31st March at midnight, we will stop taking entries and then hand it over to the judging panel. There will be 5 of us, 2 from Jackrabbitt, 2 from MukJunkie, and then 1 from just to keep everything fair and even. We will announce the winners later on that week, and then get in touch with you with the next steps to claiming your prize!

Photos will be judged on:

  • how dirty you got
  • photo composition and quality
  • bonus points for creativity / originality

The prizes:

  1. 5 Litres of MukJunie bike cleaner
    1 Litre of eco friendly degreaser
    A Jackrabbitt beanie
  2. 2.5 Litres of MukJunkie bike cleaner
  3. 1 Litre of MukJunkie

So what have you got to lose?!

We should probably have some fancy terms and conditions here, but I ride my bike too much to be worrying about that kind of thing…here are the basics:

  1. By sending us your image, you are allowing us to put it on this site and enter it into the competition
  2. If it is in anyway offensive, it will not be entered, i.e. kids as young as 13 use this site, so no nudity etc because that would just be wrong and you know it
  3. Your photo has to be your own, you cannot steal someone elses and try and make us think it is yours
  4. The judges say is final. and if the judges can’t decide on a single winner, I will resort to asking my mum to pick out of the 2 we are arguing about, she settles all arguments
  5. We do not take responsibility for any arguments with your house mates, partners, wives or parents because of stained carpet / muddy walls etc. Hose yourself down before entering the house!
  6. We accept no responsibility if the small puddle you ride into turns out to be a big one and you end up going over the bars and maming yourself…or any other similar scenario.
  7. Don’t submit blurry photos, they annoy me.
  8. Mud fights at the end of a “not as muddy as we thought” ride are encouraged.
  9. You must have fun whilst taking part in this challenge / competition otherwise your entry is void.

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