Coast to coast training ride part 1

Well with the crazy and yet exiting plan of doing the coast to coast on our jump bikes hatched and the planning starting to come together. It was decided that if we were to have any chance of succeeding we were going to have to do some training rides to build up our stamina.

So in true jr style the turf was chosen as our meeting point and our meeting time of 6:30 was decided on but even that got changed to 7:30. With all this in place we met up at the turf and all proceeded to say right where are we going. Yes that’s right we had sorted everything else out but where we were going to ride. But true to jr form grave had some idea of where we should head for our first ride.

So with that in mind we set of for dalston as we left the turf we headed for Boustead’s grassing then through to Denton holme. We then cut through Denton mills and then on to the river side way to dalston. Once in dalston we made a quick pit stop at the co-op as water and sugar was badly needed due to a strong head wind.

the pit stop at the co-op


With our pit stop over and done with it was time to head on a little further so we headed for bridge end and then pushed on up the hill towards the s bend and then turned right for Curthwaite.







the bikes racked up and ready to go


the push up to the hill to the corner of the s bend

not much further now

We then Followed that Road passed Kingswood Activity Centre along to St Johns Church, Cumdivock where we Turned right back to Dalston. And then headed for the river side way and re traced our steps back to Carlisle through denton mills at the bottom of denton holme and back through to Boustead’s grassing and from there we went our separate ways.

Our first ride lasted roughly 17 miles and took about 2 and half hours to do with a gps verified top speed of 22 miles an hour through town we had our first ride under our belts.

Part 2 coming soon.

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