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Innerleithen XC red

Sunday as a day of rest never really made sense to me, I always saw it as a day for ourselves, so rest if you want to rest, ride if you want to ride and eat if you want to eat. I wanted to ride! Having missed out on every other opportunity to ride the… Read more »

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Road up, rocky down

Went out for a nice wee ride on Saturday with @bungalistic and @ian cawthorne. Decided to keep it short…only 12 miles…at a trail centre this would have been easy, but the climb up to watendlath was torture on my new 2.4 tyres. The descent down from the top was worth it though. Big rocks, drops… Read more »

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Coast to coast training ride part 2

Jackrabbitt coast to coast training ride part 2   As the first training ride we met at the turf at 7:30 and set out on another Jackrabbitt adventure. We headed from the turf over Eden bridge towards rickerby park through to linstock once we had reached linstock we headed for Crosby on eden. The stag… Read more »

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