About us

Jackrabbitt is an adventure brand dedicated to inspiring people to get out and do more. We love nothing more than being out in the mountains or out at sea, creating memories, having experiences that have a positive effect on our lives.

The high five at the bottom of the trail after the decent of your life down a technical trail, or hitting a jump that you never thought you’d do… these are the moments we want everyone to enjoy. We rely on the outdoor community to keep us stoked, we rely on the culture that surrounds action sports and all that come with it, we rely on you to want create new adventures.

Our values revolve around people and outdoors, we want to be sustainable, we are inclusive, not exclusive, we want to do more with less.

If you take nothing else away from our website, the least we want you to be is inspired. We get a buzz from seeing other people do new things, challenge themselves, inspiring others, and we want to help as many people experience that as possible.

The outdoors is our playground.

We bike,
we run,
we hike,
we board,
we ski,
we camp,
we hammock,
we wakeboard,
we sup,
we make brews,
we summit, [not always],
we make fire,
we create art,
we surf,
we make music,
we flow.