A VW Bay Window Story: Rust, Rehab and Restoration- ‘…define “road-worthy”!’

‘…define “road-worthy”!’

So this next part was incredibly exciting. As the title suggest, Moss was about to get his first official taste of road.

MOT was booked in, but first…

Couldn’t resist!

I absolutely had to put in a few luxuries before I took this beauty public!

  • Colour coordinated comic montage door card- CHECK.
  • Large unnecessary speakers and needlessly overpowered amp with head unit- CHECK.
  • Colour matched Pleather, homemade dual colour door cards- CHECK.

I had again suprised myself with the door card covers and how well they came out. I apparently have mad sewing machine skills and only stitched my sleeve to a door card once (per door card, so 6 times really).

It was at this point in the project that I spent a lot of time sitting in the back of the van and day dreaming about all the adventures to come. In a very short time and with not too much work it had started to look and feel cozy.

Finally, the day arrived…

The day was here and I was so excited I forgot to pick up the camper van keys and stood staring at the van confused.

After a brief regroup we set off to a VW specialist we found over in Northallerton to tune up the engine prior to the impending MOT.

Advice from the previous day had us doing last minute adjustments and change overs in the engine bay. We had removed the more modern 009 Distributor that was fitted during the refrub and put the original vacuum advance dizzy back in. It was kind of a hurried job and in our genius did not test anything before setting off.

The result…38mph max speed on a dual carriage way A road. Needless to say this was terrifying and I was feeling incredibly uneasy. I hid it well as the photo shows, but after only one engine cut out we arrived.

It turned out we had muddled the ignition leads during the previous day swap about and were only running on 2 of the 4 cylinders…sigh, lesson learned.

Best part was this VW specialists yard was FULL of the most amazing VDubs.

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!

For the sake of being transparent, I’ll admit that the giant photo higher up the page was actually after we had collected the van and it was running like a dream.

That’s right…that’s my happy face!

He sailed through his MOT (with much admiration from the mechanics, I’m told) and adventure planning was in full swing.

Get ready for The Adventures Of Maurice!

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