A Bad Swim

Me, Rory and David arived at Cauldron snout to try and claim the Highest water decent… after scouting out and discussing lines Rory went first. Here is what happened….

“On the 2nd Jan 2014 Rory Woods ran Cauldron Snout on the River Tees (UK) and ended up taking a swim. Having successfully tackled the class V+ Cauldron Snout on several previous occasions Rory broke out of the top eddy and ran the Snout. Here are Rory’s unedited thoughts on what happened when it all went wrong.”

Carry on to read what Rory says here – http://www.unsponsored.co.uk/press/?p=10870

After watching Rory swim we decided to leave and come back another time with a larger safety team

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